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The Stiletto Jill Chronicles: PostGame Pass introduces you to the lifestyle of the new millennial professional athlete. Munroe skillfully breaks down what makes this new generation of athletes tick, by exploring a range of fascinating topics like: What an athlete needs in order to be considered a superstar brand. The most popular post-game careers for professional athletes. Plus:

  • Cheating

    7 rules for dating and marrying pro athletes

  • Beef

    The three things athletes always beef with one another over.

  • Money

    What’s the money really like? What are the red flags of athletes blowing money fast.

  • Jocks are groupies too

    Why athletes are groupies, and their desire for reality TV fame.

PostGame Pass

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sports and culture analyst
Team member
Jill Munroe is the creator of sports and pop culture site, The Los Angeles-based sports and culture analyst has been featured on sites like and, as well as a frequent guest on ESPN radio 1170, and Yahoo Sports 730. Currently you can catch Jill hosting for AfterBuzz TV, Black Hollywoood Live and


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