PostGame Pass

The Stiletto Jill Chronicles: PostGame Pass, introduces you to the lifestyle of the new millennial professional athlete.

PostGame Pass breaks down what makes this new generation of athletes tick, by exploring a range of fascinating topics like:

§  What an athlete needs in order to be considered a superstar brand.

§  The three things athletes always beef with one another over.

§  The rules to respectful cheating for professional athletes, plus the five cities pro athlete wifeys fear, but jocks love.

§  How the Internet changed the game for groupies and athletes.

§  Why athletes date the same women, especially strippers and internet vixens.

§  Why athletes are groupies, and their desire for reality TV fame.

§  7 things a woman should know before dating or marrying a professional athlete.

§  What comes in a “Baby Mama Golden Parachute”

§  The most popular post-game careers for professional athletes, and how to avoid being another cautionary tale.